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Stewards of Brand Essence for Packaging

  • Identify, develop and create the highest quality packaging for our customers
    • Quality systems & specifications
    • Seasonal qualifications of packaging material sources
    • Traceability
    • Sustainability
    • Food Safety for incoming packaging
  • Benchmark against “Best In Class” packaging supply chain
  • Current Quality Practices and Expectations
  • Packaging Quality Assurance

Economic Manufacturer and Distributor

  • Employ “Lean Manufacturing” practices to drive down costs
  • Reduce our customers’ labor by transitioning hand-set-up to machine-fold trays
    • Specify equipment
    • Shed layout
    • Shed qualifications
    • Set-up infrastructure
    • Vendor Assurance Program & Scorecard
    • Evaluate and participate in Plastic Sourcing Strategy
    • Implement scanning and other automated systems to provide real time sales, reporting and inventory balances

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