We Are…

Where Service, Quality and
Customers Come First!

We are a family business focused on our customers FIRST. Berry Pack allows you to personalize
your services so that you get what you want and need – above the “industry standards”. We
achieve our goals by raising you above yours. We listen. We provide honest feedback. We are here
to help you grow.

We are going to provide you with brand essence and make sure that it is never compromised.
Berry Pack ensures our customers receive high standards in: service, quality, certification, customer
service and seamless error-free transactions.

We are experts in packaging. Berry Pack has over 100 years of experience in the science of paper,
packaging systems innovation, engineering, material sourcing, warehouse and inventory
management, box setup, assembly of ready-to-pack materials, customer service, strategic planning,
execution and logistics.

We are a low cost service provider. Berry Pack takes pride in ensuring our customers receive quality
material and services at the lowest cost. We drive packaging operations efficiencies through
automation and engineering. Strategically and aggressively, we work with our sourcing partners to
increase quality and eliminate waste. We create a competitive playing field for material sourcing
that allows us to increase control of our inputs.

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